Several Arrested Liberian Students In Rwanda Cry For GoL Help – As Police Harassment Heightens

by The People News

The People News has been reliably informed that Police in Kigali have ransacked the home of  Liberian Students currently studying the country, making several arrests.

Officers of Rwanda National Police burst into the home of the Liberian Students in Kigali Thursday at about 9:40pm local making several arrests without stating reasons for their arrest.

According to our sources in Kigali, the students were at home when police Officers suddenly appeared and placed them under arrest, assaulting them in the process. They were taken to Kicukiro Police Station situated in the South-East of the City of Kigali briefly, before being transferred to a football stadium where they are being detained in the open without formal charges.

When two of the students asked why they have been arrested and detained without formal charges, they were beaten at gunpoint and thrown in prison.

Among the detained students are three females and five males who are currently enrolled at the University of Lay Adventists of Kigali (UNILAK).

Despite the suspension of normal classes due to the pandemic and in the country, students still attend classes online. The students’ arrest and detention will force them to miss classes. Therefore, they are calling on the Government of Liberia to speedily intervene.

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