EPA Shutdown S.S.S. Private Limited For None Compliance

by Staff Writer

Monrovia – The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has immediately shutdown a beverage production company called S.S.S. Private Limited in Brewerville, VOA, Perry Town for being in none compliance and violating several provisions of the environmental protection management law of Liberia.

The EPA actions follow series of assessment and investigation as well as calling the company to a conference and imposition of fines, but the beverage company has since failed to honor any of these.

Taking the action against the Company Friday, September 25, 2020, EPA Acting Executive Director Randall Dobayou noted that it was uncover during its assessment at the facility that not only was the company not in compliance, but that it was also operating under unsanitary condition and discharging effluent directly into the environment without treatment and approval.

He further mentioned that unsustainably stockpiling waste (tires, metal, and plastics) was also found in the back of the facility.

Dobayou said used water by the Company is treated by reverse osmosis system and U.V. to rinse bottle; however, the rinsed bottles are packed manually (with hand) in empty crates and cartoons that were seen exposed.

He emphasized that S.S.S. operation does not conform to sustainable environmental management.

Documents show that the company was cited for separate conferences on December 27, 2018, February 14, and 22, 2020 respectively, but Acting Director Dobayou claimed that the company did not show up for either of these conferences with the agency, hence the said action was taken.

S.S.S. Private Limited was further warned that the shutdown order shall remain enforced until it is proven that their new sustainable productions plan is submitted to the EPA for approval and the company is not to use their current facility for the conduct of any operation pertaining to production of alcoholic and nonalcoholic beverages.

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