President Weah Makes New Appointments

by The People News

Monrovia – President George M. Weah has made new appointments in government affecting the Ministry of Public Works, Ministry of Internal Affairs, Cooperative Development Agency (CDA) and the MITTAL Board of Directors. Those appointed are:

Ministry of Public Works:
Mrs. Ruth Coker Collins, Deputy Minister for Technical Services

Ministry of Internal Affairs:
Pauletta Cece Wie, Deputy Minister for Urban Affairs

Cooperative Development Agency (CDA):
Regina Sokan Teah, Director General
Famata Russeller, Deputy Director for Administration

MITTAL Board of Directors:
Ms. Daybah Johnson, member, replacing the late Gonsahn Matilda.

These appointments are subject to confirmation by the Honorable Liberian Senate, where applicable.

Pundits expect to see more appointments and believe that these come as no surprise now that the Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC) is currently conducting its primaries ahead of the December 8 midterm Senatorial elections.

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