Politics, Dangerous Game For Women – Embattled Female Candidate Asserts

by The People News

Monrovia – Former Superintendent and embattled female candidate in the just ended special senatorial election in Nimba County has term politics as a dangerous game for women in Liberia judging from her experience in the December 8, 2020 polls.

Speaking in an interview over the weekend at the end of the “Let her take her seat” campaign held at Fish Market in Sinkor, Madam Edith Gongloe_Weh asserted that politics in Liberia is extremally dangetous for women because it is a calculated attempt to frighten women to backoff.

“In my mind, the violence of all types that you see mounted against women, verbally, physically, and even cash violence carryout in these elections targeting strong women is intentional aim at frighten us women to submission to turn our backs”, Weh lamented.

According to her, the women of Liberia are resolved and there is no turning back no matter the many insults, marginalization, and intimidation from every sphere of the land.

“The more you frighten us, the more you use cash against us, the more you chase us in the bushes like you’re chasing aminals to kill, the stronger we will be to stand up because we must share this political space not just for ourselves, but for this nation and the children of this nation.”

Madam Gongloe-Weh who is currently before the nataional elections commission over allegations of fraud and irregulirities emulating from the December 8, 2020 elections in Nimba County mention that no amount of marginalization and exclusion works to the best interest of any society therefore, the need to include all cannot be overstated.

She further that in every giving society, you find men and women as such representation must marrow the population for proper growth and development of the nation.

“You cannot have representation that is all men that is not representarion and because the major decisions that run this country are made in the Legislature, particularly the Senate; we think that women involvement in the senate is paramount to Liberia’s development”, she emphasized.

Commenting on the fund raiser, Madam Gongloe-Weh termed as a new dawn for women political participation in Liberia on grounds that the initiative provides hope for the women of Liberia, especially the younger generation.

She bewailed, “there are lots of young women who want to participate in politics, but what they see happening to us frightens them, so with this kind of support that we’ve seen will encourage women to begin to raise their hands because they now know that there is a sisterhood in Liberia and they are not going to be alone or walk this road alone.”

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