Palm Spring Violates Liberia’s Aliens, Nationality Law

by The People News

The Management of Palm Spring Resort in Congo is said to be in alleged violation of the Aliens and Nationality law of Liberia.

According to document in possession of The People News, the management of the resort through its Manager Najib Kamand hired the services of some aliens who have served and serving the entity for years without following the appropriate immigration regulation appertaining thereto, in gross violation of section 6.3 of the aliens and nationality law of Liberia.

Section 6.3 of the law on (adjustment of status) states that “the status of an alien lawfully admitted in Liberia may be adjusted by the attorney general (commissioner of immigration) to any other status for which he can qualify on application of such alien.”

The document further mentioned that the management of Palm Spring Resort submitted misinformation for the years which also violates section 6.5 ass stated below:

“any person employing aliens shall furnish the attorney general (commissioner-general of immigration) semi-annually in accordance with rules and regulations with a true and complete list of all alien employed by him, indicating the kind of work performed by each employee, his nationality and tenure of service…”

The Immigration document captured Daoudi Rebani, a Moroccan and Delma Malasmas, a Filipino female National who has been employed with the institution since 2017.

“The Liberia immigration service (LIS) persons its compliments and wish to inform you that as a result of the investigation conducted into the employment status of the employees of your entity, it has been discovered that your entity is in violation of certain provisions of the aliens and nationality law of Liberia.”
“In view of the above stated violation, the management of palm spring resort is to pay a fine of US$1,000.00 for the employer, while the employee mentioned above is to also pay an amount of one thousand one hundred United States dollars totaling two thousand United States dollars (US$2,000.00), payable into government revenue,” the LIS investigative document stated.

According to reliable sources within the Liberia Immigration Services (LIS), the Resort, through its management, is yet to pay the fine mentioned or imposed on them by the LIS for alleged violations.

Palm Spring CEO is currently in court with the Straz Foundation as he defaulted on all accounts for loans obtained. He gave the casino and hotel as collateral.

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