John Wondell Carr, Jr. Writes

by Staff Writer

I am sorry for LIBERIA. President Weah is not listening. He has made Dillon, Mo Ali, Yekeh, Costa, among others, heroes overnight. This is eviscerating to say the least. You cannot have a government that is a “lame duck”. The situation is now rapidly evolving as Cdcians don’t have any muscle and “concrete blocks” to lean on. I think Cdcians are being abandoned. I cried many days in the United States when I see President Weah not putting the interest of Cdcians first. It saddens me to the teeth when Yekeh Kolubah calls a sitting President “dog”, and no action taken by the appropriate authority; it bamboozles me when I see a certain lady who calls herself “Henry Costa’s queen” defiantly, but illegally challenging the government and making diabolically sullying remarks against the government with loud impunity, among others.

From what is obtaining now, considering the unfolding political inaccuracies, I think President Weah is NOT INTERESTED IN THE LIBERIAN PRESIDENCY ANYMORE.

You don’t need a magician to know that when you massively suffered a nasty defeat in your stronghold, you need to buckle up and exterminate those attending intricacies. You lost massively across the entirety of the country – some of your partisans repudiated you, lambasted you, lampooned you, among others – and voted against you as a protest vote. Are those mentioned political signages not gigantic to indicate to you that the party NEEDS A TOTAL OVERHAUL – A LASTING TRANSMOGRIFICATION?

The President is not progressively working to change things in the next few years, as the presidential election is staring us right in the eyes. No radical change so far. Opposition cabinet ministers are still grounded in their posts; Cdcians largely unemployed; not resolving the brouhaha with the Vice President is another eye clincher, since she has a large following considering our divisively tribal political existence. These are some of the mountainous abnormalities the president should be tackling now; else let’s us as CDCIANS leave our own with the ALMIGHTY GOD.


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