How Government of Liberia Lost US$18Million in LTA – GSM Operators Saga

by Staff Writer

Monrovia – In the wake of claims and counterclaims by the Liberia Telecommunications Authority (LTA) and the Mobile Network Operators (MNOs), The People News has been reliably informed by highly placed sources about the 22 million  which government was due.

According to our sources, this is how it was agreed the money was distributed: $4 million to government; $10 million to Ivorian Presidential Campaign; $5 millon to the Collaborating Political Parties’ Candidates; $2 million for public relations reimbursement and $1 million for protests.

Upon the LTA issuance of invoices to MNOs, Orange Liberia issued a statement indicating that the LTA is putting them in a position that would make it almost impossible for them to operate in Liberia.

The LTA order: 0016-02-25 of February 25, 2019 sought to bring some sanctity among mobile network operators and to create a level plain field for competition and make room for more investors wishing to venture the industry.

This order brought the long the famous ‘three days free call’ to an end and increment in the price of data.

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