HIS Wants Domestic Animals Care

by The People News

The Country Director of the Humane Society International (HSI) has challenged Liberians to care for domestic animals well in the country.

Director Morris Darbo stated that it is crucial for domestic animals to be treated well because they too have feelings (sentient), and in addition, they provide us invaluable companionship through the human-animal bond, an association seen in communities on the daily basis, especially with children.

He stressed that treating and protecting domestic animals such as dogs and cats should be prioritized to avoid diseases in the community.

Director Darbo made the statement over the weekend when the Humane Society International provided a five-day treatment and feeding for dogs and cats in the Township of WestPoint, Montserrado County.

According to him, HSI is currently providing veterinary treatment to dogs and cats to prevent diseases from animals to human as part of the fight against COVID-19 in Liberia.

He pointed out that the organization originally targeted to feed and treat 2,000 dogs and cats across the country, the number has already been exceeded by more than 2,000 and still counting.

Director Darbo asserted that the dogs and cats feeding and veterinary programs are intended to treat these animals from June to December 2020.

He lamented that health status of domestic animals is critical towards the citizen’s health in any nation and Liberia cannot be an exception to ensure that domestic animals are healthy in the society.

He added that HSI is working with the Ministry of Agriculture to ensure that policy or legislation is put in place to increase the level of responsibility of animal wellbeing, especially health by people who keep domestic animals in the community which would prevent dogs from streets corners.

Director Darbo noted that Liberians like domestic animals and hoped that they should continue to care and protect them, adding that animals are part of the society.

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