Amid Staggering Crimes Rate, Police Ineffectiveness, US Government Warns Citizens Against Traveling To Liberia

by Staff Writer

Liberia – The United States Embassy near Monrovia has advised its citizens against traveling to Liberia, citing LIBERIA’s local police lack of resources to effectively respond to serious crimes.

The US warning was contained in its October 2020 updated version of travel alert to its Citizens under the caption ‘reconsider travel to Liberia’.

This warning is contained in its updated version of the October 2020 travel alert to its citizens captioned ‘reconsider travel to Liberia’.

The United States government further warned that citizens must exercise increased caution due to Liberia’s pending elections and the staggering crimes rate.

“Elections are scheduled for December 8, 2020. During the elections season frequent demonstrations and rallies, both planned and spontaneous, are likely, and there is a heightened risk of violence. Violent crime, such as armed robbery, is common, particularly in urban areas and on public beaches”; warning that “Local police lacks the resources to respond effectively to serious crimes”.

The US government acknowledged the fact that it has limited ability to provide emergency services to US citizens outside of greater Monrovia at night because employees are prohibited from traveling outside the capital or between counties after dark (with the exception of travel to and from Roberts International Airport).

The recent warning from the United States Government is part of regular travel alert provided to its citizens.

The U.S travel alert comes in the wake of growing tension in the country, including threats by State officials and above all, the wave of mysterious deaths of Liberians, mainly Auditors.

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