UMHRM condemns LNP officer killing

by Staff Writer

The United Methodist Human Rights Monitor has strongly condemned the killing of a woman by the Liberia National Police (LNP) officer and rape of people in several parts of the country in the recent time.

The monitor’s Program Director, Jefferson Knight, said the worst of all is that some of these killings are linked to officers of the Liberia National Police, former convicts and partners.

Addressing a press conference Friday in Monrovia, Mr. Knight said for an officer, who sole responsibility to protect life and property, can kill without tangible reason is scaring.

He condemned the killing of a woman by an officer of the Liberia National Police in Paynesville out jealousy and anger

The United Methodist Human Rights Monitor Program Director proposed that government disarm any officer who is not on duty and the arm stored in the armory.

“We are taking records of these violations and we want government to take punitive actions against these violators or else its officials who fail to deal these suspects will be held accountable.”

He also called on the government to begin training officers of the Liberia National Police and other state security forces on the significant of human rights.

Knight encouraged the Justice Ministry to ensure that justice is served in order to avoid the constant killings by police officers and heartless individuals,

Commenting on the issue of rape, Mr. Knight encouraged the Ministry of Gender, Children and Social Protection to be robust in tackling issues of gender-based violence.

He maintained for a police officer to be accused of raping a 15-year old girl placed in his custody because of another threat of rape has placed a dark cloud on the image of the Liberia National Police.

“We should not allow our precious jewels to be abused as if we are living in a society characterized lawlessness, rape and murder,” Mr. Knight said; adding: “these devilish acts geared toward violating our women and children must stop.”

According to Mr. Knight, Liberia is a country of laws not men and as such, some devilish people should not be allowed to abuse the rights of others especially women and children and go with impunity.

“Liberia is gradually sliding to the country characterized by lawlessness, gansterism and insecurity because it has the propensity to portray negative image of the country to the international community.”

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